Call me Doc(Doc5)

The Savannah, Albany and Gulf railroad, pulled out of Valdosda, Georga on time. A black porter led Doc John thru the cars. John’s valise thumping against the steel armrest of the seats as they went.

The private compartments were all taken, but with the aid of a ten dollar gold piece, the porter had found John a compartment with two ladies and a gentleman, the three were siblings.

John entered the compartment, and was pleased to note that the southern belles were quite comely. Their brother was tall and thin with clear blue eyes. He could have passed as John’s brother.

In his soft southern drawl, John introduced himself. “Ladies, Sir. I’m Doctor John Henry Holliday. You can call me Doc.”

The ladies, Martha Louise, and Kathern Kaye, along with their brother, Archibald, were Myddeltons, from Atlanta, a well known cotton plantation family.

They were all heading west. “Sir,” John asked Archibald. “Do you by any chance play a little cards?”

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