An Evening We'll Never Forget

“Oooohh, I wanna hear this!” Joe teased.

“No you don’t!” Wes cut in.

“But don’t you want me to tell them about the sixth grade school dance when you fell and knocked over the bowl of punch?” asked Brian.

Joe and Kevin immediately began laughing.

“It spilled onto the entire dance floor. It was hilarious!” Brian added.

“That’s okay,” Joe smiled, “everyone falls at some point. At least when you did, it wasn’t televised!”

Ofcourse, everyone laughed at this.

“Oh! I got a good one!” Brian shouted. “Okay, it was about two years ago. Wes called me up crying her eyes out. When I asked her what was wrong, she said she had accidentally torn the Jonas Brothers poster she had just bought!”

The boys and I burst into laughter. Wes playfully slapped Brian on the arm.

“You are so mean! How could you tell them that?!” she joked.

“Well,” I said once the laughter had subsided, “this is one evening we’ll never forget! Even if the party didn’t go exactly as planed, it was quite an event!”

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