Now my thoughts were racing faster than I could keep up with. Masada, Masada Morgan…Her and my darling were the best of friends. Well, they used to be, until just a while ago.

And now…Could that really be true, my darling, her best friend…and…Was it a coincidence? How had she died? Was it the same way as my darling girl?

I never really realized where I was walking all this time, and now after looking up from the ribbon clenched in my hand I realized that I had found my way to the house.

I fumbled in my pocket for the keys and stumbled inside. I flicked the light switch on and stared at the organized chaos that I called home. I preferred to call it organized chaos as opposed to those people that just called it a mess…I was an artist, not all artists worked in a clean environment, quite a few of the really good ones went crazy anyways, so it’s not like it mattered.

I switched on the computer; it was time for some research…Masada

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