Kira Walked Into The Flame

Kira felt like all the blood in every human being on Earth had been warmed by the sun and then flooded his face, as he grabbed Mardy and screamed, “WHY DIDN ’T YOU TELL ME !!”
The boy broke apart and sobbed like a newborn, “Why wouldn’t you tell me? Why, and they are about to burn Katra’s body.”
The dragons whole body stiffed, “What? Where are they?TELL ME!” She commanded.
The boy sobbed, “At the henge past Three Points.”
Mardy snatched the wincing boy with a massive claw and flew, knocking over tents and setting grown men on their backsides.
The families stood around and mourned as the priest headed towards the pyre with a flaming torch. The mourners flew in all directions from the turbulent wake of the meteor named Marduke who crashed their funeral. Kira went tumbling as Mardy grabbed the girls corpse and filled it with flames from her gullet. The crowd recoiled in horror as the heat of the flames created a bellicose portrait, by igniting the trees and grass around them.
Kira walked into the flame

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