The New Ficletdom

Stovohobo felt his heart surge at the prospect of so many people behind their cause. The New Ficletdom…could it be possible? Could a revolution be made? He had thought Elsha, he, and Mighty-Joe were the few who resisted the New Order of Awesomeness, but all of these people…they might possibly tip the scales in their hand.

YodaOnCrack waddled over. “You see, you do – ” cough, cough ” – your friends, these are. Know the Farce, only a floozy do.”

“Few?” Stovohobo corrected.

“What I said, that is.”


Out of the darkness, the aforementioned writers stepped up. Saint Chuck, Mask by the Moon, Not You, and RunningWithScissors raised their hands and collectively brought down a stalactite. Stovo breathed in awe at the power of the Farce.

“I also have the power to summon a bratty kid and his sarcastic tiger,” said Saint Chuck.

“Disperse, you all must,” Yoda croaked, and on cue, all the writers melted back into the shadows. “Now, first lesson, you must learn.”

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