The Giant Egg

Eragon let go of the bow string, letting loose an arrow, that missed his target by a mile. The entire herd of wild cows ran off into the Spine, leaving Eragon tired and angry with himself. He leaned down on a tree, catching his breath, when suddenly something fell on his head. “What the heck? I didn’t know they had coconuts in the Spine!”
But upon closer inspection he found out that what had hit him wasn’t just a coconut, but an egg! “Woohoo! An egg! Now when I come home I won’t look like a total dissapointment to my family!”
Suddenly Yoda and a ton of other random Jedi appeared, and said, “If a dissapointment you are, a dissapointment you will always be!”
“Thanks alot, Yoda,” Eragon said angrily as he hiked down along the trail back to Palancar Valley, “That did a lot for my self esteem!”

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