Sloan's Secret Identity

Meanwhile, outside Sloan’s shop…
“Did you hear that, Darth Vader?” Hissed Darth Sidious. (Or maybe I’ll just call him Darth Hideous) “The boy has the egg. We must inform Galbatorix immediately.”
“Okay, my Master,” Darth Vader said through forced breaths, “I’ll call him up on my new iPhone.”
“Okay, just make it quick.”
“Oh man, I only have one bar! Foolish iPhone! You have angered me for the last time!” Darth Vader said angrily as he force-choked his iPhone.
Conviently enough, Sloan actually worked for the Varden in secret, and he’d overheard everything Darth Hideous and Darth Vader had said, so he sent them a quick e-mail about Eragon needing protection.
Back outside, Darth Vader and Darth Hideous had realized that they needed to inform Galbatorix fast, so they put their jetpacks on their backs, (courtesy of Boba Fett) and flew off into the sunset.

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