Durza - Or Spiderman?

A few hours later, in Galbatorix’s castle…
“Oh, so the boy has the egg,” the madman chuckled. “Perfect. Now I can just send Durza to go get him and the egg! It was surprising at first, but it is quite convenient that Durza got bitten by that radioactive spider and got spider powers. And the castle taylor hadn’t minded making him that red and blue costume! After I threatened him of course…” Galbatorix continued in much the same way, before he realized he was talking to himself again, in which case he called Durza to tell him what his new job was.
“Of course, your Majesty,” Durza said over the phone. “I’d be happy to.”
“Yes,” Galbatorix muttered absent mindedly, “Yes you would be.”

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