Durza's Not Evil! Or is He?

“Oh my God!” Eragon shrieked. “Please don’t kill me.”
“Er…” Durza replied, “I won’t kill you, I just want to, um, use your phone,” Durza lied.
“Oh,” said Eragon. “In that case, the phone’s over there. Please, come in.”
“Don’t mind if I do,” he said as he walked over to the phone.
“Talk to you in private can I?” Yoda whispered to Eragon.
“Sure, what’s wrong?” Eragon said.
“Spider-man, that is not. Durza he is.”
“So? If I had a stupid name like that, I’d change it to Spider-Man too!”
“Understand you do not! Evil Durza is!”
“Yoda, Yoda, Yoda. When are you gonna learn? You can’t just assume every guy who knocks on the door with a stupid name is evil!”
“Won, you have. Play it cool, I will. My fault, it is not if he really is evil, though.”
“That, my friend, is a risk I’m willing to take.”
Just then, Durza hung up the phone. “I hope it’s okay with you, I just ordered pizza. I have to wait here until it comes.”
“That’s fine,” Eragon said, shooting a glance at Yoda that said See! He’s not evil!

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