I Didn't Know the Ra'Zac Did Pizza Delivery!

After Durza, Yoda, Eragon, and Garrow had been immersed in small talk for quite a while, Durza looked out the window and lied, “Pizza’s here!”
“Great,” said Eragon, “considering I haven’t had dinner.” He said that with a glare at the dragon on the table.
“I’ll get it,” Durza said, and he opened the door, revealing two beaked men standing at the door.
“They’ve got the pizza?” Eragon asked?
“No,” Durza sneered. “They are the ra’zac, and they have your doom!”
“Told you he was evil I did,” Yoda said. Then the ra’zac burst into the room, and lunged for the newborn dragon. The dragon defended herself, and fended off her attackers as best as she could. Yoda drew his lightsaber and began to attack. Durza sent out a web and stole Yoda’s lightsaber from his hand, and then everyone was defenseless except for the dragon.
“Failed I have,” Yoda said, handing Eragon a sword, “Fight you must. Zaroc this is. Use it well.”
Eragon brandished the sword with experience that he obviously didn’t have, and began to fight.

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