Saphira Can Talk?!

Several minutes later, the fight was over. Durza and the ra’zac had fled, in complete awe of Eragon’s newfound power. Yoda had lost his lightsaber in the process, which he wasn’t too happy about, but no one had been hurt, (except for Durza and the ra’zac) so it wasn’t a complete loss.
“It’s been a long night,” Garrow began, “So I think we should all go to bed.” Eragon agreed, and Yoda ended up spending the night there, too.
In the morning, when he woke up, Eragon couldn’t believe his eyes. The first thing he’d seen when he woke up was the dragon. Except it wasn’t the same dragon from the night before. It was a 20 foot tall Godzilla with wings!
“I think it’s time to go flying,” Eragon said, so he hopped on the dragon’s back and flew off into the sky.
“That was some pretty awesome fighting you did last night,” Eragon said. The dragon didn’t respond. “Can you talk?”
“Yeah!” The dragon said. “I’m Saphira. I like going to the mall, doing my nails, and all sorts of cool stuff!”
“Okay, okay! Too much talking!”

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