Lets play cards(Doc6)

Martha Louise looked up from her penny novella about western gunfighters, and frowned at Archibald. She seemed to care naught for the scenery, and kept her nose in the paper books.

Archibald returned her look. Then back to John, he said. “Sir I do play a little.”

Kathern Kaye, spoke up “I play cards also.”

Doc nodded to her, smiled and said. “Honey, I don’t mean to offend you, but I’m talking about poker, not Old Maid.”

Kathern bristled at this. “Doctor Holliday, don’t you dare talk down to me. I play poker. Stud, seven card, and draw poker.”

Martha intervened. “Kate! watch your manners. That’s no way to talk to the fine doctor.”

Doc Holliday held a hand up like a policeman. “Please, forgive me. There was no slight intended”

Archibald said, “You might want to watch yourself Sir. Kate is very adept in the sport of card playing.”

“Thank you for the warning, Sir.” John said with a disarming smile. “I do believe I have a fresh deck in my valise.”

Then Doc John had a coughing fit.

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