Stupidity (Cross-Gendered Challenge)

I smothered a laugh as Carrie glared at me from the doorway. My sister was frequently in trouble for late parties or grades or things of that nature, but this definitely took the cake.
“Shut up, Jette!” She hissed through her teeth.
I looked sideways at her “husband” √Čtienne. I was surprised that he was still around; usually, she asked them for money then ditched ‘em.
“My parents are freaking out right now,” I smiled at him.
“So I hear,” he mumbled. “Jette, your name is?”
“Yeah. I mean, they’re really freaking out. Like my dad has a shotgun that he’s probably considering using.”
√Čtienne glared at me. “Shouldn’t they be happy that their daughter is married?”
“I guess. Hey, you want me to stall ‘em so you can run? I don’t mind doing it for you,” I offered genuinely. √Čtienne seemed like an all right guy, he’d be real swell if he stuck to the subject. I mean, any guy who’d put up with my sister must have an excess of patience.
“That’s okay, Jette, I think things will be fine.”
He was so stupid.

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