It was worth a try...

Maybe it was a bar or something, a restaurant maybe? I faintly remember picking my darling up from work quite some time ago. It seemed to fit and it was worth a try, I had nothing else to go on..

I flipped to the index and looked for either the restaurants or pub/bars page number, whichever came first. Once I had found one the pages I scanned through the list. Alongside the fancy title that announced the Frosted Scotchman there was a website there and a number , I jotted them both down and put the yellow pages back on its shelf.

I headed back to the computer and typed the website address into Google. While it loaded I pulled the red ribbon and placed it beside the computer, as a reminder of why I was doing this.

I scrolled through the search results and clicked on the most promising. The website was outdated and looked like it needed a lot of work. I ignored that and read the bold on the first page; * Due to lack of business we have been forced to sell up, sorry for any inconvenience*


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