An Experiment in Determination (Who F@#$ed Ficlets Challenge)

The bushy browed speaker stepped to the podium, “Gentlemen,” he began, only to interrupted by an annoyed cough, “and lady,” he added, waited for the nod. He sighed and continued.

“We have collected data on these, Ficleters from all across the U.S. and the Globe, to study what drives them. To find that gene that causes them to sit at that computer day in and day out pounding out idea after idea. Two days into the experiment and none of them have given up yet. NONE of them!” With this he slammed his hand hard down on the podium causing those gathered to jump in their seats.

He glared at each of the labcoat clad members individually. His voice dropped menacingly, “If we could bottle this determination, imagine what we could accomplish.”

The lady of the group balked, “What do you propose we do sir? Kidnap these ‘Flicketeers?’ Take samples and breakdown the DNA ?”

He bristled at her misuse of the name.”Ficleter. And yes. Have up and running in 3 more days. Then we strike.”

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