The hunt

Ken stepped out onto the 3rd floor of the hospital. He knew that if he waited for the police he’d be tied up for hours. Now that the worry and fear over Karen was relieved Ken was as angry as he had ever been.

It was 10pm. The visitors were gone for the day and the lights were dimmed. Ken walked the corridor glancing into each room facing the parking lot. Finding an empty one, he glanced around. No one in sight, he stepped into the room.

The window gave Ken a panoramic view of the parking lot, but with only the parking lights alluminating it. He stood in the darken room until his eyes adjusted to the dimness.

Now that visitors hours were over the parking lot was less than a quarter filled. He examined each vehicle. The empty ones he passed over quickly. Nurses, in their white uniforms, were entering or leaving. Then he spotted a glow from a cigarette in a sedan facing the front door.

Ken stood watching the car for twenty minutes, until all the nurse traffic ceased. Then another 10 minutes.

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