Bringing the House Down

After they’d been flying for a little while longer, Eragon and Saphira decided to fly home.
“I don’t get it Saphira,” Eragon said. “We should be able to see the house by now, but instead all I see is smoke. Land right there, at the source.”
After a nose-dive crash landing, Eragon found himself standing on top of the remains of his house. Suddenly Yoda stepped out of nowhere with tragic news. “Come while you were gone, the ra’zac did. Bring down the house they did.”
Eragon began to cry, “Uncle Garrow’s gone? Everyone I love dies!” With that, Saphira began to back away slowly.
Yoda looked confused. “Die Garrow did not. Run away with Princess Leia to get married on Dagobah he did.”
“Oh,” Eragon said. “In that case, I guess it’s time to go looking for the Varden with Brom. By the way, where is Brom?”
“Brom there is not,” Yoda said. “Bring you to the Varden I shall.”
“Works for me!” Eragon said, and he began to follow Yoda to the desert.

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