A Punishing Piece

Well, not quite the end, actually…

When she took a gander at Gunder’s bowl and realized he wasn’t eating anymore, she wondered if he was gunderful. And then she looked at his other bowl and realized that he wasn’t interested in anything gunderwater, either.

She took the dog to a vet, an Australian who tsk-tsked over the dog and finally announced he would need to put down gunder. She wept, of course, but there was nothing to be done for it. She gunderstood.

She took the late pet home and found a nice spot in the backyard where she could bury him gunderground. She marked the site where her beagle had landed with a marker she made of wood she painted gundermetal-grey, and cried.

Then some aliens from a distant planet landed in a silver spaceship and abducted her, but who would want to read about that?

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