R2-D2's Message

That night, in the middle of the desert, Eragon and Yoda decided to set up camp. They were just eating dinner when C-3PO and R2-D2 appeared, walking over a giant sand dune.
“What are you doing on Tatooine, Master Yoda?” C-3PO asked once he was within hearing distance from Eragon.
“Tatooine?” Eragon asked. “We’re in the Hadarac Desert! What are you talking about?”
“Oh, bother,” C-3PO said, “Never mind. R2 and I came to deliver a message.” Suddenly a holographic image of Princess Leia came out of a holographic-camera-projecter on R2-D2.
“Help me, Eragon,” she said, “You’re my only hope.”
“Princess Leia?” Eragon asked, surprised. “I guess they never made it to Dagobah.”
“Be distracted by this you must not. Reach the Varden you must.”
“Look Yoda. I’m the Rider, and I say we go!”
“Oh bother,” said C-3PO, before the group went to sleep.

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