When in Rome... [Who F@#$ed Ficlets Challenge]

It was a fairly quiet night in AOL Headquarters; there had been no electrocutions today, neither had the binding in any of the main circuitry come loose.

Titus was sitting at his desk, cleaning up some site HTML , and sipping at a warm latte.

The only other person in the room was Ms. Margaret Dwight, his boss.

She was obviously doing something vital to work, because she was typing away frantically, her eyes glued to the screen.

He stretched, trying to relieve tension. Titus’ tired gesture knocked over his latte cup; in an attempt to save it from spilling, he leaned over, supporting himself on his elbow, and caught the cup.

Then, he noticed that his elbow was pressing down on something.

He looked down, and saw a large button.

WARNING ! Do not touch except in case of worldwide Ficlet addiction.

Ms. Dwight made an exasperated sound.

”’Something’s broken?!’ You gotta be kidding me!”

Her stare flicked from her monitor, and to Titus. She soon pursed her lips.

“Care to enlighten me, oh Imperator?”

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