Perceval and Mardy

The fair knight stood in a forest of stumps that had been young trees before the knight had started slashing through them like opponents on the battlefield. Hours had passed and what once was a budding forrest was now a clearing, and still he wailed cussing inside his helmet. The warrior felt a claw click onto his armor and he swung with a death blow.
Mardy used one of her claws with the ease of an infant and parried the sword out of his hands.
“Don’t be so hasty future prince, you and i will have an opportunity to settle account once we teach every warrior with a blue banner why they are afraid of the dark.”
Percevel fell to his knees and bowed before the dragon, “Please forgive me, i didn’t mean for him to get a scratch, i failed you my liege.”
A squire came running to Perceval but paused at the clearing, and wondered how many men it must have took to cut down this stand of trees, then proceeded, “My lord you commanded me to tell you the progress of the young sire’s wound.”

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