Coincedence Gives Way to Destiny.

Perceval shouted at the squire, “I know my own orders boy, how is Kira’s wound?”
“Sorry, completely healed my lord?”
“I am sorry for being so sour, the boy is dear to me.”
Mardy smirked and added, “As dear as your lord Perceval’s very life, squire.”
“Also lord, Olgoth has requested your assistance, he has some huge project under way at the encampments.”

The squire ran back towards the camp as Perceval and mardy slowly walked back. They passed a group of twenty vikings carrying battle axes, headed towards the Forest.
“Where are you headed, warriors?”
“Lord Olgoth has sent us to cut down two hundred poles as tall as a man.”
“You’ll find the work already done just keep this path till the clearing.”
“My liege how, the order was just issued?”
“Sometimes soldier, coincidence is the sword of destiny.” Mardy said, startling the men.
Perceval told Mardy, “We could get back to camp quick if we flew, my lord.”
“I could you throw you there if speed is important.”
“Well spoken my liege.” Perceval laughed

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