The Devil Of Three Points.

Esbin Drey refused to be helped, as he mounted his horse. His arm was beginning to miss the elbow and hand that been attached to it.
The troops had little respect for the proper man before the battle, but they had begun to call him the Devil of Three Points after his furious one armed fight.
Drey was at the cooks tent, where the dogs usually gathered, when Bluetooth found him.Esbin jumped to his feet and said,”Sorry my lord I didn’t know you were coming.”
“There is no need for formality here, you have just lost an arm. How are you standing?”
“Burned the nub with the blacksmith’s forge. Its easier to heal a burn.”
The king almost vomited, as he saw the crispy nub on Drey’s arm. (His men said he never cried out, when he plunged it into the coals.)
“I will be ready my king.”
“What are those dogs eating?”
Bluetooth threw up, when Drey snatched his former arm from the dogs’ mouths.
“The watchmaker said he might be able to fix it, he needed the frame, though.”

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