Boos from the Supporter

“I’m telling you, that place is evil!
I rolled my eyes. Cal was worked up in a fit at this point, ranting on and on about how much he hated Starbucks.
“What proof do you have?” I asked, bored.
“I just got a feeling, chiquita. And you know how I am about my feelings.”
Boy, do I. “Like it or not, we’re going there,” I said firmly.
“Why?” Cal whined.
“Because I have to check my email, that’s why.”

I looked over my email & picked at a blueberry muffin while Cal loudly complained about the faults of Starbucks. I tried not to slap him.
“I mean, there’s no froth here!” he bellowed. “At Dunkin Donuts, there’s at least two inches!”
“Cal Williams, I have never seen you so much as pull into a Dunkin Donuts drive-thru let alone measure the froth.”
“Well all I’m saying is Dunkin Donuts rocks!” he cheered.
“I notice, Mr Dunkin, that you’ve a Starbucks cup in your hand, sucked dry from enthusiasm,” I pointed out, supressing a smirk.
I had never seen Cal turn so many shades of red in my life.

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