A Little Brains, Go A Long Way.

When they reached the encampment, there were thirty women skinning and stretching hides.
A woman, dropped a deer brain into a bowl, when Olgoth pulled her to the side, “Listen Mam, you cannot mix them up.”
“My lord, a brain is a brain.”
“No my dear, see the gods have a plan for us all, see how your foot is the length of your wrist to elbow, well in the same way each brain contains enough material, to tan its own hide. The Gods have noticed every detail.” Olgoth Replied.
“Thank you sir for supervising such a minor task.” replied the woman.
“Mam, the cook is mightier than the swordsman.”
The pretty lady blushed at the kind tone he used to talk to her.
“So cousin are we going in the hides business, or is this about the war?” Perceval joked.
He said, “Just watch this prince.”

He signaled a man with a huge kite on a rope, who heaved it into the air.
“Looks like a dragon at night huh? Now watch it breath fire.”
He shot an arrow to ignite the oiled hide and a fake dragon came to life.

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