“So, you heard the petitions this night,” The Prince stated, walking back and forth in parady of her living nerves.

Her council could only nod.

“The hispanic Gangrel, I have no problem with,” nodding to the elder sitting at the table. “the other though, is unknown to me, and will require someone to speak for her.”

A few smirks, an open fanged grin was the response. Only the Eldest Gangrel shook his head no.

“Now though, this other one.” She shook her head as she sat down. “Willing to live hidden like that, beyond anything else. Obviously deformed though, too regal for my tastes.”

One voice came from the deep hood, “I agree, though she is a demon and may pass on to another place in time. Though her powers are great, even outshining the rituals and wards of your own Ordo.” A respected speaker cowl hiding his ratlike nose, twisted and yellowed teeth.

The Prince bristled at the memory, “Yes, I know.” Deadpan, someone would pay in blood for such a happening.

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