Jemine kicked her Vespa to a shuddering start and rocketed down the dusty, deserted Romanian side road she had parked on, oblivious to the screams and shouts from the building she had left. Her hair, long and brown and traced with dark gold, flew back from her narrow Parisian face. The tears springing from her eyes were ripped away by the wind.
I love him so much.
I cannot be here anymore…
she clenched the handlebars, willing away the pain flaring in her heart and sparking the familiar burn against her neck, where two long, parallel grazes, slightly raised from her skin, had faded to filmy white scars. It had been two years ago since Kelmek had seduced her, gained hr trust, her love…
and had betrayed her.
He had been gone. Gone for good, Jemine had hoped. She had met Rynen, of the same punishing kind but pure of heart, unlike Kelmek. She kne whe would have protected her, fueled by love, should Kelmek return.
As he was doing at that very moment.

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