Two Sides to Power

“W-what?” Emily still did not understand what was going on, let alone where she was.

“I can see you are very confused,” the Wonderball-man spoke again. “Let me try to explain. The Wonderball was an extremely powerful being.”

Emily jumped up. “Being?! But…its just a toy.”

“Not at all. An extemely powerful being. And in all beings, there are two sides to that power. Good and evil. You know of what I speak?”

Emily thought a moment. “Good and bad. Yeah, I get that. But how…are you human?”

“Allow me to continue. The being was in complete conflict at the very moment it decided to physically hurt you. So the power split us. I am the good, as I saved you from the evil power.”

Emily was too shocked to respond. He continued. “I am not totally human, I should tell you. I took the shape of a human man because it is easy.”

“Then what are you?” She asked. It seemed a reasonable question. After all, if she was in the company of aliens, she had a lot of things to rethink.

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