Krulltar's Comin

“Don’t worry kiddy, he’s a deadman”
“Who you calling kiddy you broccoli head punk, i ain’t scared of no Orange Oreo, or should i say ‘Neon Nose” Mask said with a slight smile.
“Don’t worry i got this this one.” The cyborg said as his mechanical limbs moved him into an upright position.
“Let’s do the man dance bitch.” the cyborg retorted around a fine Cuban stogie.
“Trust me Mighty Joe i will kill you quickly, because i hold you in high regard.” The broccoli headed fencing master said as he held his rapier in the Bernini defense position.
Mighty Joe reached down, pulled up a concrete speed bump and replied, “let’s roll fruit salad.”
The cyborg’s effort was valiant but the broccoli headed assasin ran him through faster than Flo Jo at a fat camp.

Patchow Patcohwk
Mask by the Moon stood over the dying Oreo and said,” Sorry you had to go neon nose but no one talks to Mighty Joe like that but me, and you shouldn’t have brought a knife to a gun fight.”
With his last breathe he said, “Krulltar’s coming

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