Why so Serious?(1)

Mommy said not to worry but I know shes lying. I could see it in her eyes. I can do that you know. Iv always been able to read people like that, get into their heads and know what there gunna do next. Daddy says its annoying but mommy says that what he thinks doesnt matter. I like mommy alot more than daddy.

Daddys been drinking the “bad stuff” again. Mommy says its not his fault but I know it is. I mean, hes the one drinking it, its not like someones forcing him. But now daddys got a knife and hes making mom cry. I dont like that.

Mommy tries to hide me under the bed but daddy comes in with the knife. Theres a sweet, sickly smell that Iv never smelled before. Mommy screams again and daddy laughs at her. I dont like that at all.

Red liquid splatters on the floor as mommy is dragged out screaming all the way in a pitiful voice. I taste the red stuff and it dawns on me its mommys blood. I creep silently out from under the bed.

I dont like daddy at all.

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