A Restless Mind

She couldn’t get into it this time, as much as she wanted it, as much as she knew she loved it, her mind was adrift. It felt as if she were losing herself, and her mind. She had no escape from her husband because guilt always seemed to stop her from running away, despite his nightly violent assaults. What if she left him and he decided to love her again, like he did all those years ago? She was a horrible person, she knew that, too.

But Dévon was like a fairy tale prince, with his loosely kept onyx pony tail and stone features bathed in skin that resembled marble. She knew after they were done he would tell her again of all the wonderful places they could run away together, where he would take good care of her, like she deserved. The girl looked up and watched his heaving chest rise up and down as he slowly moved against her. Letting her head back down to the pillow she figured she might as well enjoy it.

He gasped in a wild bliss. “What?”
She smiled. “Nothing, just keep going.”

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