Hunting for Masada

damn, damn.

What now, I thought. Guess it’s time to get creative. Once more I was into the yellow pages looking for the name of a doctor, a GP to be exact. Several were promising, but I picked Dr. Henry Phipps GP. His first name was an old time name so surmised that he was an older man.

Then I looked up pharmacies. In this town of 20 thousand there weren’t that many. I wrote down the numbers of Walmart, Kmart, Dale’s, Walgreens. Walgreens was my first choice.

“Walgreens pharamacy”

“Hello, I’m Bill Patton, Dr. Phipps’ intern. Could you help me with something?”

“I’ll certainly try,” the voice replied.

“A miss Masada Morgan was sent a perscription that contained a dosage stronger than she needed. I would like to clairfy that on your records.”

“Let me check. Hold on a minute.”

“Yes? Mr. Patton?”

“I’m here,” I said

“Sir, I’m afraid you must have the wrong pharmacy. I don’t have anyone listed with that name.”

“Thank you for your trouble.” I said.


Next, Dales’s

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