Frosty's Return/The Nemesis of All Ficlets (Diabolically Villainous Challenge)

The year is 2075 AD.
The villain is Frosty the Snowman.
And the victim is the sun.
After being rebuilt by several school children during the Winter months, Frosty remembers his demise at the hands of the sun, and he wants revenge. After going to the store to buy enough weapons and armor that he makes the Terminator look harmless, Frosty will destroy the sun, and he isn’t gonna let anybody stop him. After stealing a rocket ship from NASA and a thousand nuclear bombs, Frosty has all the weaponry he needs to destroy the sun. And he’s headed there as I type.
Now before you claim Frosty’s innocence, let me tell you one thing. Without the sun, there’s no light. Without light, how are you supposed to make it to your computer to write Ficlets?
Not to mention how deathly cold it will be without the sun, but I think we should focus on the things that matter. Frosty is a menace to the world as we know it, and more importantly, Ficlets. He needs to be taken down, before everything we care about is lost!

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