Krulltar is Koming!

Mask’s eyes widened as she suddenly sprang up and bolted into the cave.

Over in one corner, Yoda was teaching Stovohobo how to propel a rock at a target using only his mind. Along the other walls the other writers were practicing or watching.

“Krulltar! He’s coming!” Mask cried.

“No, no, young one, your mind, not your hands, you must use to throw the rock – hrmm?” Yoda sneaked a little sniff into his staff.

“Krulltar! You know, the new ruler of the Order! He’s coming, with his chopper gang, too, probably!”

“Who did you hear this from?” asked Not You, stepping from a cave wall.

“Outside, there was a – “

Suddenly, the dull roar of motorcycle engines could be heard swelling in from the outside.

Yoda whirled out a small piece of metal which burst into a deadly drone of death to disintegrate any die-hards dumb enough to show up.

“Then begin, the battle shall.”

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