Without Warning

“Why did you have to upset him? Hmm? Why couldn’t you leave us all the hell alone?” Frances screamed. Terri shrank back.
“I… had to know. If he… remembered me. I’m… sorry. I never meant any harm to come to either of you.” she whispered.
“It’s too late. You harmed us the day you walked out of that hospital without looking back. I’ll take care care of Little Frances when you’re dead. Don’t expect anything but that.” Frances turned to hide the tears.
“Stop.” They looked down to see who had spoken; they both knew who it was. “Stop. I remember now. But, it’s like a picture book. And I can’t put the pictures with the words, yet.” Ernie looked at them earnestly. “I know, at least I think I know, why it upset me.” Without warning, his body went into convulsions.
“Quickly, someone call 911!” Little Frances reached for the phone…

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