The Sighting

“Are you sure that’s who it was?” Lin asked, raising her right eyebrow.
“I told you five times, I know that’s who it was. I’d know the look in his eye anywhere,” I cried frantically.
“Sure it was. What are the odds that you saw that particular ninja?”
I sighed. “First, how many ninjas are in this town?”
“Three,” she answered calmly, folding her arms behind her back. “No, one. Only one. Continue.”
“Well,” I stammered, “Secondly, everyone in town has seen this ninja at least once.”
“Except for one,” she interjected. I looked at her questioningly. “I haven’t.”
I turned around, pacing. “Why do you doubt me?” I asked, slamming my fist against the apartment wall.
With a metallic tswing, I froze. Sliding my wide eyes to the side, I saw a spoon lodged in the plaster, barely a centimeter from my temple. Slowly, I turned around to face a smirking Lin. “Oh, I don’t doubt you,” she crooned. There was a spark in her eye I’d only seen in one other person.
“The Spoon Ninja,” I whispered, paralyzed with fear.

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