The Most Embarassing Moment Of My Life

“He said THAT ? And WHY ?” Amy looked very, very concerned for her best friend.
“Do I need to describe it again?” Marie sighed. “I don’t want to…”
“Yes. You have to,” Amy insisted. “First, I need to make sure I have my facts right, and secondly, recollection is the first step towards forgetting.”
“I hate your journalist’s instinct,” Marie muttered. “Alright. Steve and I were behind this tree at my mom’s third and ‘final’ wedding to his dad, right? And you know how I’m totally in love with him, right?”
“Yes, yes…” Amy mumbled, taking notes.
“Well, we were talking really close together, and suddenly he kissed me. It was amazing! The best first kiss of all time! I kissed him back really, really hard. Then we drew apart…”
“He was blushing; so was I. But then he was like ‘oops!’ and explained that it was an accident, and that he was really… gay. Then, he said… It was so ironic…”
”’This is the most embarassing moment of my life.’”

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