Mask Ain't Skeered.

The tiny eleven year old walked between Krulltar’s sword and the lifeless body of Yoda, like she were walking to school, then shouted to One of Krulltar’s henchmen, ” Hey you! You, block head, come help me haul this aluminum idiot into my pick up.”
“If you hadnt noticed, there is a war going on here.” said Mass rock Dude, before she pulled both barrels on her sawed of twelve gauge double barrel in his direction, sending him to the great beyond.
“Anyone want to gimme a hand or do i have to kill all of you.”
mask questioned.
“Mask i am trying to inflict some carnage here, you are really messing up my menacing entrance. Look writer and smile for life, help her while i still have henchmen left, she is driving the truck that looks like Bigfoot three. Now can i get back to killing and carnage?” Krulltar quipped before returning his attention to the others.

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