From the shadows

The smoke was impenetrable, the noises of chaos resounding off the cave walls made it impossible to judge where the pitched battle was actually taking place. Chaka Treatmentson crawled out from under a pile of dead Ficleteers and assorted detritus.Smoke smudged,covered in other peoples blood, looking like a latter day two armed Kali she shifted human heads out of her path. Making her way toward where she surmised Krulltar was still massacring the remaining initiates of ‘the farce’,she pulled her self to the top of yet another pile of rubble and carnage, and finally managed to stand.
“This is RIGODAMNDICULOUS !” Face split in a rictus grin, Chaka yanked a grenade out of of her belt, pulling the pin with her teeth. “Damn the farce- I strike a blow for independent awesomeness everywhere!” She chucked the incendiary right at Krulltar’s head. It made contact with an audible crunch and Krulltar went down.
The few remaining live Ficleteers looked on in shock and awe, Chaka herself appeared confused by her success…

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