Back stories

She was striking at nearly 6 foot tall, well groomed power suit, a gold silk tie on a blue shirt, black jacket and pants.

italic“I wish to reside here, in your city for a while.”italic She had said. italic“I apologize for the discurtesy but I did not know whom else you may reside along. ” italic .
“I come from Sri Lanka, I apologize but with the tsunami our lines of communications have been destroyed.”

“Pragma Lynn Hibikari, known as Demon of the Sea and Sun, keeper of the docks. I salute you as equals” She released her Mask. Several members of the court gasped, the keeper’s gun seemed to crack outloud. Upon seeing no move other than the mask dropped, court relaxed, all but the keeper and the Prince , though she hid it well.

“So that all understand, and that the way may be paved with honesty.”

Lynn then told the court stories of fear, and danger. She told of how her aura for those that looked and there were many, showed such blackness, such veins throughout it’s shimmering.

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