Number 97621 watched the chainlink gate roll off to his left. Even after he heard it clang into it’s full open position he stood there. After twenty years in prison it was hard to move without permission.

“Hey buddy,” a guard called, but by then, number 97621 stepped thru the gate. The warden had warned him that the world outside had changed, but he had not understood that the change was earth shaking.

He stood looking at the cars and pickups whizzing past. They all looked alike. Where were the GTO ’s, and Challenger’s?”

He walked east, following the directions to the bus stop.He hadn’t notified anyone that he was getting out for the simple reason that there was no one to notify. Parents were dead, as was his only sister. Exe wife was remarried with a new family. Aunts and uncles – ghosts.

Number 97621 walked slowly, wondering where he would go.
Over the years he had dreamt and planned on going after
the guy that killed her. But now? You think different at 50, than at 30.

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