It wasn’t until after she was nestled against his chest and fast asleep that he decided to light a cigarette. Twirling her crimson curls around in his fingers, he exhaled some thick, fragrant smoke. He didn’t know what he was doing. This girl, who seemed eons younger than himself, had stolen away his heart with no explanation as to why. Months ago she came to him for help from horrific abuse and it had manifested itself into love that threatened to steal his life away. Now he couldn’t smile without her and it ached when she was away. He guessed he would just have to settle with the simple fact that she was an angel and he was crazy.

He swept some hair away from her delicate nose and lips, then brushed some of his own bangs that had become matted to his forehead. He wanted to get her away from harm, but it seemed impossible to just disappear and the family needed him. As for her husband, he knew she felt disgusted with herself.

He had never felt so powerless. But for this moment, it didn’t matter.

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