Miss Masada Morgan

I went through this process, Walmart, Kmart, Dale’s…only Dale’s had something promising.

“Hello, you’ve reached Dale’s pharmacy, how can I help you?”

“Hi, I’m Bill Patton, Dr Phipps’ intern, I was wondering if you could help me with something”

“What is it you need?”

“A lady, Miss Masada Morgan, has received a prescription that contained a dosage stronger than she needed. I was just ringing to ask if you could clarify that on your records.”

I could hear the sound of someone talking in the background…

“Well, if you would give me a second I can go check for you.”

“That would be great.”

I waited for what seemed like ages as I tried to pick up on what the voice in the background was saying.

“Mr. Patton?”

“Yes I’m here”

“We do have a woman on our records by the name of Miss Masada Morgan, but we cannot tell you any of the information you need without an appointment, you see…Miss Morgan had a special situation…”

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