Amethyst Frontiers: Oxyriophine

“Frosty, may I speak to you in private?”
“Do you you think now is the time Major?”
“Please, Commander?”
The Graceful woman led Frosty into the corridor and continued, “Sir,what is this about?”
“Frosty were you aware that the Captain of the Karama was about to be relieved of command, had the ship not have gone missing?”
“I have never heard of that?”
“Why would you have? There was a drug that has now been outlawed called Oxyriophine, it was used to treat fatigue. There were seventy active men on it, and everyone of them refused treatment. Three were Captain level and they all committed suicide, six were major and above one of who was Major Colbert Thomas.”
“The Major who sabotaged his own ship.”
“Exactly the same one. The ship’s log shows they have a eight year supply and nineteen crewman are prescribed it. Sir my Father was one of the men they tried to rehabilitate from it after only being on it three months. He used his own service revolver to end it with. Vargus had been on Oxyriophine four years.”

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