Elsha's Pay Attention To Detail

“Hey sexy assasin this is pintsized pirate, got your ears on Good buddy?” Mask spoke into the CB radio, while she sat on the phone books in the seat of her monster truck and power shifted the pedals with soup cans strapped to them.
“That’s a little 10 four partner looks like you rescued metal head.”
“He is dead but i tink his power core is still working all he kept saying is, That ain’t Krully.”
“That its a negative ghostrider, Krulltar wasn’t there.”
“I saw him die he was there.”
“Negative, Krulltar has a tattoo that he tried to remove from years earlier he got one night back in aught nine that said I love the Jonas brothers. He had it removed when the Martinis wore off and killed the tattoo artist, but it left an ugly scar on his neck. That clone had a perfect neck. It was a decoy.”
Patchowwk clichink Patchowk
“Elsha was that you?”
“Ten four little lady I Just put two rounds of Sharp’s fifty through the white Boot Wearing Bogie lets see her come back headless. Meet me at the bar we’ll fix Mighty.”

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