The Undead Lord is vexed

“What, pray tell is a ‘Bebe Kid’?” Displeasure and shock vied for equal time on the marble countenance of the vampire.
“Well,”replied the wolf, ” it was originally a comedy bit by Robin Harris, and they made a movie out of it… the catch phrase was ‘we don’t die we multiply’, they’re like these really bad ,ghetto little kids.”
“Charming,”the vampire sniffed.”So what you’re saying is that you were thrashed within an inch of your life by a large man in womens clothes , a thief , and a self proclaimed drug addict who yelled a catch phrase at you… Am I correct in this?”
“Actually, I never saw the thief…he used the opportunity to steal the drag queens keys,and,” he stuttered,”and, and the addict was the stinky one. I started sneezing uncontrollably when he was still a half block off.”
“O.k. what you’re telling me is that a supernaturally gifted, shape shifting, creature of the night was defeated by a big transsexual and a junkies excessive cologne.” The vampire’s lips curled into a rather menacing grimace …

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