Amethyst Frontiers: When the cat's away

“Helmsman hold our position, and make sure those powdermonkeys in section twelve keep me upgraded on that string and cup thingy” Frost ordered as he left the bridge.
The helmsman laughed as he left, “Cup thingy? Is that a technical term?”
Bosun’s Mate Gorullo rolled out from under a console on a creeper covered in snipets of wire, “All fixed!”
“Do we get the back pocket warranty on that repair?” Asked Ensign Nealie.
“What is that?” Questioned Gorullo.
“Well most of your repairs work till we see your back pockets go into the elevator”
The all laughed when someone else added, “If then.”
Gorullo stood up and said, “Do any of you ever notice how, the first mate always stares at Major Brills breast when he talks to her?”
“Its because they are at eye level to the little guy.” Neally added.

The intercom in the bridge crackled.
Please turn off the coms when you talk about your commanding officer’s vertical disability. That is an order Major Brill out!

The laughter was deafening.

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