.357 - Into the Red Door

Cooper cut his lights and rolled into the warehouse parking lot. Another check of his gun.


He flipped his cell open again and called Kent.

“Almost there, Coop.” Kent said over the roar of wind. He must have the top off.

“Meet me round back, south lot.”

“You got it. Five minutes.” Cooper closed and pocketed is phone, eyeing the warehouse through his windshield.

He got out of the car and drew his weapon. Slowly, he approached the red door facing the parking lot. In the low light, Cooper noticed that the lock was broken.

Blood on the knob.

He eased the door open to reveal a dark interior. Cardboard boxes stacked on high shelves. Pallets. A forklift.

He squinted to see a dim light coming from one of the offices at the end of the aisle. Then, light flooded through the red door as Kent pulled into the lot.

Lights, engine noise, rock music blaring. Sloppy bastard. Cooper thought.

Kent jumped out of his jeep and ran to join Cooper.

“What we got?” Kent panted.

“Nothing yet. C’mon.”

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