Shopping with Lucy 2

In my wisdom, I had rented a stroller, which Lucy proceded to push thru the mall. Most of the people who’s ankles she ran into were nice about it, with the exception of the woman that needed medical attention.

It was after I bought Lucy a roll of Lifesavers for breakfast that the troubles began. I did manage to dissuade her from eating them all at one time. But not before she unwrapped them all and stuck them in her pocket, thus sealing off said pocket, forever.

Her hands were sticky and covered with pocket lint. This means that my hands were also sticky and covered with pocket lint. I did wash most of it off, after dipping my handkerchief into the drinking fountain.

Of course I didn’t wipe off the stroller, so once we were on our way we were sticky again. At the next fountain we came to I tried to wipe down the stroller. Meanwhile, Lucy found a stand-up ash tray filled with cigarette butts. It is very hard to get unstuck from cigarette papers. While I was trying to get her fingers free….

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