Why so Serious?(2)

I creep around the house staring in wonder at all the mess. Tables overturned, chairs thrown and blood everywhere. I can tell by the screams that my mommy and daddy are in the kitchen.

I creep around in the mess, wondering who did it. I know I would get spanked if this was my fault. Daddy likes to spank me when Im wrong; he says it builds charecter or something. I come around the hallway into the kitchen and I cant believe my eyes.

Mommys sprawled on the ground, a gigantic knife sticking out of her chest like in the movies. Her blood pools around her in a spreading wave and I think Im going to be sick. I do get sick, all over the floor, and Daddy turns around at the splatter.

He looks at me and laughs, wrenching the knife out of mommy with a sick wet sound. He walks slowly over to me and grabs me by the throat. I grab his hands and try to wrench them off of my neck but I know its no use, Daddys very strong. I gasp for air and beg to be let down but he laughs, then asks

“Why so serious?”

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